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This is a fast guide about the game. Your objetive is to be the first player in the ranking. To do it you must obtain GOLD so you will be able to buy weapons, train soldiers buy magics and so on. There are only 4 ways for obtaining gold, 1 is in contest.php if you are the best clicker in recruiter you will obtain prizes. Second is by stealing it from other players, for this you will need high strike action so buy attack weapons and train attack soldiers. Third is turn based gold, every 15 minutes you receive an amout of gold in function of your number of soldiers (angels got 50% income bonus) The more soldiers the more gold per turn. Fourth is as bonus from beating a monster. Demons got 25% attack bonus draconians 25% defence bonus undeads 25% magic bonus. You also receive soldiers bonus from your officers. Every 2 soldiers one of your officers receive, you receive one, 4 officer of officer, you 1 and so on. Ranking is calculated as function of strike action defense action spy action magic power and monster power.
Mercenaries dont give turn based gold. Buy them so they will die instead of tbg soldiers. This is their mission in the game, die instead of tbg soldiers.

  • What is a commander and what does an officer get from him?
  • A commander is something like your tutor and protector into the game. He is supposed to be more expert than you about the gameplay. He is supposed to be your friend. To add you into an instant messenger and answer your game questions. He is supposed to warn your enemies about not bugging you.

  • What is an officer and what does a commander get from him?
  • Officer chain is very important in this game. Lets say an example so it can be understood better. Lets say you are an officer and you have a commander and 1 officer. Lets say you click on recruiter 1000 times with saving credits off. Lets say your officer click on recruiter 1000 times with saving credits off. After the clicking youll have 1000 credits that will generate 1000 untrained soldiers and 1000 mana for you with saving credits OFF After your officers clicking, you will receive an extra bonus of 500 untrained soldiers. And he will receive 1000 mana and 1000 untrained soldiers. So from clicks, instead of other ways in this game for obtaining untrained soldiers there is a RECURSIVE FORMULA that generates untrained soldiers bonus. So from clicks, You will have managed to get 1500 soldiers. This means your commander will receive a free bonus of 750 soldiers without even have given a single click like you received 500 untrained soldiers bonus from your officers clicks. If you understood well this goes as 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32.... 1/128 untrained soldiers bonus as long as your chain last. This is recursive. As many members under you or your officers or your officer's officers. As many untrained soldiers you will get. More examples for if its not clear. 1 commander with 5 direct officers who did click 1000 times each one will receive 2500 untrained soldiers if saving credits is OFF. 500 UTS from each one. 1 commander who has only one officer who has 10 officers that generated him 10000 soldiers will receive a bonus of 5000 free untrained soldiers. So as you may noticed It is critical to manage to try as many officers as possible as well as officers that manage to get a lot of officers. It is critical to teach your officers and your chain about the game play. It is critical for you to manage to get them learn about how recruiter works and try to get them to click as much as possible. If you are not a good commander your officers wont help you at anything because they wont know how to play. Your officers will move under other commander. Your officers will hate you. And you will fall in the ranks. You will get a very bad reputation. So just be nice, teach as much as possible and... CONQUER THE HELL To be clear. If one of your officers receive 1 click you get 0.5 soldiers. If an officer of your officer is clicked you get 0.25 soldiers. THIS IS RECURSIVE down your chain 0.5 0.25 0.125 and so on

  • What is turn based gold?
  • This game is turn based. Turns are every 15 minutes and if you didnt obtain special bonuses hunting monsters you will get 1 attack turn 3 mana and your turn based gold. Turn based gold is gold you receive every turn.

  • How is turn based gold calculated?
  • First you must sum your untrained soldiers your trained attack soldiers and your trained defence soldiers. Then multiply them by 25 and save this number. Then sun your spies and multiply by 25/2. Add this num to the saved previous one. this will be your turn based gold. Angels race has a bonus of 50% turn based gold. Demons race got a bonus of 25% attack. Draconians got a bonus of 25% defence. Undead got a 25% bonus of magic. Important: spies give 25/2 tbg. Monsters hunters also give 25/2 tbg. supplicants and alchemists do not give TBG = turn based gold. So when training them you will lose turn based gold.

  • What is Unit production?
  • Unit production is an special upgrade in training that generates untrained soldiers per turn. As higher as you raise it. The more soldiers per turn you will get.

  • What is Spirits protection?
  • It is an special spell and also the name of a fortification. You can turn on spirits protection once a week during 24 hours you will be safe of attacks. You can activate it on magic you must click magic on left menu. Protect your account 24 hours (Once per week)

  • What is mana for?
  • It has several uses. You can use it for spells on magic click magic on left menu. It is also needed for hunting monsters. You get 3 mana each turn if you dont have special bonuses because you hunt a monster. Second monster OuroSkull gives you 7 turn based mana instead of 3. You must beat him for that. You can also obtain mana by clicking in recruiter. Every credit will give you 1 mana and 1 untrained soldiers if you have saving credits off. Every click on a number in recruiter gives you 1 credit.

  • What is Bank Gold?
  • Bank gold cant be stolen. You can obtain bank gold by selling weapons in armory. If the weapons are not damaged you will get a 80% of the gold cost into the bank. If the weapons are damaged click on repair all weapons that will increase your SA and costs money. SA = Strike Action. If you sell damaged weapons you wont obtain a revenue of 80% from original cost because they are damaged. Attack weapons get damaged when attacking and defence weapons get damaged when defending. Another way for obtaining bank gold is beating monsters. There are 2 monsters that have bank gold bonus. Third and eight. How does the system uses bank gold and gold? If you have enough gold for the purchase, the money is taken from the normal gold. If the sum of bank + normal gold is enough for the purchase normal gold goes to zero and the difference is removed from the bank. If the sum of bank + normal gold is not enough for the purchase you wont be able to buy.

  • How do I obtain Alchemists?
  • The unique way is beating Neobhaal. That monster will give you the bonus shown in his profile.
  • What are special Items?
  • You can see them on left menu. Those items allows you to summon (call) a monster and control his mind. It also gives the bonuses shown in special items on left menu.
  • What is alchemy for?
  • Alchemy is needed for creating special weapons to beat the last 2 monsters. If you dont beat Neobhaal you wont have alchemists neither metals. If you dont beat armasagat you wont have minerals. All is needed to beat HellGod the last monster the final boss.

  • What is Golden Minutes?
  • If you have ingots you can activate golden minutes this means that every click someone gives on recruiter will report him 6 credits instead of 1.
  • How is rank calculated?
  • It is an average of the SA DA SPY MAGICPOW and MONSPOW ranks. Raise them as much as possible and you will be best ranked as possible. SA= strike action DA = defence action spy= spy action and so on.

  • How to hide gold with '???' in ranking?
  • If your spy action is less than the watcher spy action he'll be able to view it

  • How to raise attack?
  • Train attack soldiers, buy attack weapons, upgrade siege technology

  • Whats magic for?
  • Prevent spells and destruction attacks from other players, you can spell yourself raising your stats.